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Инструкции по эксплуатации квадроцикла

Инструкции по эксплуатации квадроцикла

Регулярное техническое обслуживание обеспечит безопасную и продолжительную работу мотовездехода. Контроль, смазку, очистку, регулировку и замену деталей проводят по регламенту или по мере необходимости. Без соответствующих знаний и квалификации эти процедуры лучше проводить в официальных сервисных центрах CFMOTO.

Сначала проверяют уровень и качество масла в двигателе, коробке передач, переднем и заднем редукторе. Затем приступают к другим процедурам:

  • Замена масляного фильтра;
  • Проверка уровня охлаждающей жидкости и её замена;
  • Проверка состояния пыльников шрусов;
  • Проверка свечей зажигания;
  • Чистка воздушного фильтра;
  • Снятие и чистка искрогасителя;
  • Очистка вариатора;
  • Проверка дросселя;
  • Регулировка клапанных зазоров впускных и выпускных клапанов;
  • Регулировка свободного и общего хода курка газа;
  • Проверка передних и задних тормозных колодок;
  • Проверка и замена тормозной жидкости;
  • Регулировка свободного хода рычага переднего тормоза;
  • Регулировка педали тормоза, включателя светового сигнала тормоза;
  • Проверка состояния ступичных подшипников;
  • Обслуживание стабилизатора поперечной устойчивости;
  • Обслуживание аккумуляторной батареи, замена предохранителей;
  • Регулировка и замена ламп фар;
  • Регулировка преднатяжителя пружин, хода отбоя и сжатия;
  • Смазка тросов.

KTM 125 Euro

This series consists of two machines: the dual-use 125EXE and the urban enduro 125 Supermoto. They differ from each other mainly in wheels, dressed in universal tires (125ЕХЕ) and highway «rubber» (125 Supermoto). Both motorcycles are equipped with a new two-stroke engine, unified in design with sports power units. The frame is tubular, welded, made of chrome-molybdenum steel. Telescopic front fork — inverted type. The rear suspension of the PDS (Progressive Damping System) system, as on all “adult” KTMs, provides a progressive characteristic without an intermediate linkage only due to the design of the shock absorber itself.

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KTM EXC Enduro

Motorcycles for enduro competitions in their design are as close as possible to cross-country motorcycles. They install a wide range of two-stroke engines (models 125EXC, 200EXC, 250EXC, 300EXC and 380EXC), including the new 250 cc engine. The new generation four-stroke engines are used on 400EXC Racing and 520EXC Racing motorcycles.

The company is also developing a two-cylinder V-shaped four-stroke 1000 cc LC8 engine. This power unit is designed for a powerful motorcycle for a rally and for the future road version of Super Duke. The debut of the novelty will take place in the fall of 2000.

KTM LC4 Hard Enduro

Parade Horse of the company — the famous model 640 Duke II. This is an urban enduro-style motorcycle with 17-inch alloy wheels. The futuristic half fairing with two headlights located one above the other looks peculiar. The 640 cc engine is equipped with an electric starter.

Dual-use motorcycles 400LC4-E Hard Enduro and 640LC4-E Hard Enduro, unlike many of their classmates, really have excellent off-road qualities. Both cars are equipped with a four-stroke engine with an electric starter, two-seat saddles and steps for the passenger. The 640 cc modification is also available as the urban enduro 640LC4-E Supermoto.

Option 620LC4 SC (Supercompetition) closer to purely sports models. It is made single, the engine is deprived of an electric starter. Tires are distinguished by off-road tread patterns. Nevertheless, the presence of a complete set of lighting equipment allowed to certify this car for driving on ordinary roads. It is also available in the 620LC4 SC Super-moto variant.

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For serious off-road raids, the 640LC4 Adventure-R is designed, which is equipped with a 640-cc engine with an electric starter, a Paris-Dakar-style fairing with two headlights, a 30-liter gas tank and a strong rear trunk.

KTM Mini 2000

In collaboration with the Italian company Lem, KTM produces a wide range of children’s cross-country motorcycles. The 50 Mini Adventure is designed for the youngest athletes, ages 4 to 6 years. It is equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled engine with automatic centrifugal clutch and without gearbox. Modification 50SX Junior features a forced engine and increased suspension travels. The engine of the 50SX Senior motorcycle, designed for athletes aged 7 to 9 years, is even stronger.

At a higher level of technical excellence is a motorcycle with an index of 60 / 65SX. It is equipped with a two-stroke liquid-cooled motor (60 or 65 cc) installed in a frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel. The machine has a six-speed gearbox, disc brakes on both wheels and is designed for 9-11 year old athletes.

KTM SX Motocross

Motorcycles 125SX, 250SX and 380SX are equipped with single-cylinder two-stroke power units. The 250 cc version of the engine received a new cylinder, cylinder head and crank group by the 2000 season. Compared with last year’s version, the dimension of the motor has changed (66.4×72 mm instead of 67.5×69.5 mm).

A new four-stroke engine is also installed on the 400SX Racing and 520SX Racing motorcycles. This is an exceptionally lightweight and compact unit — it is narrower than a 250 cc two-stroke engine. In the cross version, the motor is aggregated with a four-speed gearbox.

KTM Duke 390 Service Repair Manual

KTM Duke 390

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